Couchbase Mobile – Building Always-Available, Always-Responsive Apps

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Today’s mobile apps are content-rich and provide the latest up-to-date information for mobile users on-the-go. Users expect that their apps and data will be available anytime and anywhere, regardless of network connectivity. In order to make this happen, developers need to have sync functionality built into their app, in addition to a fast local database.

This whitepaper introduces Couchbase Mobile, its impact on mobile app development, and provides several examples of how it is being used today.

Topics include:

  • Common development challenges faced by mobile developers: how to handle unstructured data and data connectivity constraints
  • The importance of offline app capabilities to improve the user experience
  • The key features and benefits of Couchbase Mobile: Couchbase Lite, Sync Gateway, and Couchbase Server

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"We have tons of customers who say 'data sync, data sync, data sync' - this is our No. 1 problem in mobile"
Nat Friedman
CEO of Xamarin

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