Building a Private DBaaS - Deploying Couchbase Server “as-a-Service"

DevOps Meets Cloud Webinar Series

Building a Private DBaaS - Deploying Couchbase “as-a-Service" with CumuLogic | ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

As application developers create new software at an increasing pace, they are looking for ways to quickly and easily get access to innovative database technologies.

In this webinar, Couchbase and CumuLogic will explain the value of offering Couchbase “as­-a-­Service” on any infrastructure (public or private), dramatically increasing the productivity of your development and operations groups.

Attend this webinar to see:

  • Benefits of operating Couchbase “as-­a­-service”
  • The value of a consistent DBaaS for app­-dev, test & ops teams
  • How CumuLogic DBaaS Platform provisions, scales and manages Couchbase clusters on demand