Couchbase 102 - SDK Operations

How-to NoSQL Webinars with Couchbase

Couchbase 102 - SDK Operations | ON-DEMAND

Webinar Overview

In Couchbase 102, you will learn the fundamentals of writing applications for Couchbase Server. This webinar will talk about about Couchbase’s capabilities in the context of some real use cases.  Then it will demonstrate the fundamentals behind an application from demonstration to how specific application features are implemented.  You will walk away with a good understanding of how developers are able to build easily scalable, consistent high performance web applications.

Other topics include:
  • How the Couchbase Server's programming model works for scalable apps
  • Core Couchbase operations
  • Handling concurrency needs in your application, including CAS operations and Locking
  • What kinds of durability options are available in a Couchbase Server cluster