On-Demand Webinar

Ad-hoc Querying for NoSQL: "N1QL"

NoSQL allows you to break free from the flat and rigid relational data model by providing semantics for navigating, constructing, or comparing rich data. In this webinar, we present N1QL (pronounced “Nickel”), a next generation SQL-like query language for Couchbase that is currently in developer preview. We will walk you through the online tutorial of N1QL, and explain the different N1QL constructs used along the way.

In this webinar we will share:

  • Basics of the N1QL query language
  • Use cases for N1QL
  • Hands-on demo showing how N1QL can be used in e-commerce and social gaming

Featured speaker:

Don Pinto, Product Manager, Couchbase

Don Pinto

Don Pinto is a Product Manager at Couchbase and is currently focused on advancing the capabilities of Couchbase Server for developers. He is extremely passionate about data technology and in the past, has authored several articles about Couchbase Server including technical blogs, white papers, as well as presented several webinars. Prior to joining Couchbase, Don spent several years at IBM Toronto, Canada starting as a software developer in the DB2 information management group and most recently as a Program Manager on the SQL Server team at Microsoft. Don holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Twitter: @nosqldon
LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/donpinto


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