On-Demand Webinar: Using PhoneGap and Couchbase Lite to Create Data-Intensive Applications

PhoneGap is an open-source framework that allows developers to create cross-platform mobile apps using standard web technologies: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Couchbase Lite is a secure, ultra-lightweight NoSQL database built for the online/offline mobile world and the first native NoSQL database for mobile devices. In this webinar you'll see how you can use PhoneGap and Couchbase Lite together to create highly responsive, datacentric applications in HTML5 or JavaScript that are always-available regardless of network connectivity.

In this webinar you will see:

  • Introduction to Couchbase Lite and overview of the "JSON Anywhere" strategy of Couchbase
  • Introduction to PhoneGap
  • Description of the Couchbase-PhoneGap plugin
  • Overview of the basic usage of PhoneGap and Couchbase Lite (Implementation of multimedia note taking functionality, PhoneGap API, basic online/offline storage using Couchbase)
  • Demo of cross-device data synching through note-sharing functionality of the app

Featured speakers:

Lorin Beer, Computer Scientist, Adobe
Lorin Beer

Lorin Beer grew up in BC Canada, attending Simon Fraser University in the Computing Science program. Lorin has worked for several startups in the Vancouver area in gaming and web tech before being hired by Nitobi, creators of PhoneGap. In 2012 Lorin relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for Adobe Systems. He currently works on the PhoneGap project as a platform lead, is an Apache committer and has contributions across Cordova Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and CLI.


Chris Anderson, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Mobile, Couchbase
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a co-founder of Couchbase and Chief Architect of the company's mobile technology. Chris has a personal obsession with bending the physics of the web and giving control back to users. Chris has spoken at a number of conferences including: SXSW, OSCON, MySQL, GDC, ApacheCon and the Erlang Factory.


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