Online Training: Couchbase and Spring Data Webinar

Date: February 27th, 2014 at 11am CET

Couchbase Server simplifies your database layer and increases development velocity by providing high performance and rich query mechanisms. This webinar provides an introduction about the benefits of adopting Couchbase and explains how to integrate it into your Java Enterprise landscape through support for Spring and especially Spring Data. You’ll learn how to use templates and repositories to map entities to JSON document and get the most performance out of your spring environment with transparent caching support.

Featured speaker:

Michael Nitschinger, Developer Advocate (Engineering), Couchbase Michael Nitschinger.png

Michael is an engineer at Couchbase. He is the maintainer of the Couchbase Java SDK and responsible for framework integration like Spring-Data-Couchbase. Michael is active in the open source community, a core member of the Netty project, and also contributing to various other projects like Reactor. He speaks regularly at conferences or meetups and you can find his blog at, or ping him through twitter with @daschl.


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