On-Demand Webinar: Developing with Couchbase Lite Android

Learn how to develop with Couchbase Lite for Android in this technical lecture led by Traun Leyden, lead Couchbase Lite Android developer. The session will include a look into the Native API and a walkthrough of a demo app.

In this webinar you will see:

  • A 5-minute recap of the Couchbase Lite architecture
  • An overview of the Couchbase Lite iOS API
  • Demo - Grocery Sync Demo App with new Android Native API
  • Code walkthrough of Grocery Sync Demo App

Featured speakers:

Traun Leyden, Senior Software Engineer, Couchbase Lite Android
Traun Leyden

Former technical co-founder of a venture backed startup that developed an iOS mobile CRM geolocation app that was deployed in Fortune 500 companies. Developed a highly popular Android ringer control app called "Buzzoff" that achieved 4.5 stars in the Google Play store. Created an open source Neural Network library written in Go that leverages Go channels/goroutines to achieve high computation concurrency.


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