On-Demand Webinar: Keeping your Data Safe in Couchbase Using Gazzang

Data in Couchbase server may contain either sensitive, protected information or key intellectual property. Sensitive data comes in many forms - names, addresses, medical records, school transcripts, buying habits, credit card numbers, corporate intellectual property. Typically, this information is distributed throughout the cluster calling for the underlying data files to be protected. Gazzang for Couchbase offers a powerful, policy-driven solution that enables you to encrypt your data stored in Couchbase Server.

In this webinar you'll see:

  • An overview of Couchbase Server
  • The main use cases for data encryption and key management
  • An overview of Gazzang zNcrypt and Gazzang zTrustee
  • How to ensure your security solution integrates seamlessly with Couchbase without impacting performance
  • What do you need to get started
  • A demo of how Gazzang works in Couchbase

Featured speakers:

Anil Kumar, Technical Product Manager, Couchbase

Anil Kumar

As a Technical Product Manager at Couchbase, Anil Kumar is responsible for all Couchbase Server product development, roadmap, positioning, messaging and collateral. Prior to joining Couchbase, Anil spent several years working at Microsoft in Entertainment division and most recently on Windows and Windows Live division. Anil holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.


Robert Linden, Senior Systems Engineer, Gazzang

Robert Linden

Robert Linden is a senior systems engineer at Gazzang. In this role, Robert is responsible for gathering technical requirements from customers, understanding their needs and pain points and providing them with the right data security solution. Robert held similar roles at Symantec and Dell prior to joining Gazzang, Robert holds a BA degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and is too emotionally invested in Game of Thrones.


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