On-Demand Webinar: Scale your Application Globally Using Couchbase and XDCR

Couchbase has the ability to replicate your data across datacenters, offering a truly high-performance experience to a worldwide audience. Replication also provides resilience in the face of infrastructure failures.

In this webinar you will see:

  • An overview on how cross datacenter replication (XDCR) works in Couchbase Server
  • How you can use this feature to reduce risk in the face of infrastructure failures
  • Live demo of XDCR setup in Couchbase

Featured speaker:

Ilam Siva, Senior Product Manager, Couchbase

Ilam Siva

As a Senior Product Manager at Couchbase, Ilam Siva is responsible for various areas of Couchbase Server product development, roadmap, positioning, messaging and collateral. Ilam is passionate about Big Data and NoSQL and believes that it will push the frontiers of scale, performance and capabilities of next generation applications. Prior to Couchbase, he has worked on Hadoop and database technologies at Yahoo!, Microsoft and Oracle.


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