On-Demand Webinar - NoSQL for DBAs: Migrating From RDBMS to a Schema-less World

Increasing numbers of developers are moving from relational to NoSQL technology for their interactive web applications, eager to take advantage of greater flexibility, scalability, and performance that NoSQL offers. But what does this mean for the DBA tasked with supporting them? And what, if any advantages, does NoSQL offer a DBA? This webinar will explore how DBAs can make the move from an RDBMS to NoSQL and the benefits that come along with it.
Join this webinar to learn:

  • The architectural differences that simplify the deployment and management of NoSQL vs. RDBMS databases
  • How to begin new projects with a NoSQL database in mind
  • How to achieve scale with NoSQL databases
  • Techniques for sharding the database
  • Techniques to address the application level needs for transactions

Featured speaker:

Matt Ingenthron, Director of Developer Solutions at Couchbase

Matt heads up the Developer Solutions group for Couchbase and is an experienced web architect with a software development background. For Couchbase, Matt leads the team developing client libraries, samples and docs developers interact with. In recent years, he has been a core developer on Membase and Couchbase, a contributor to the memcached project. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences including JavaOne 2011, MySQL 2011, MySQL 2010, OSCON 2010, Erlang Factory, Cloud Camp San Francisco, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and many others.


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