On-Demand Training: Couchbase 101 - Installation and Configuration

Learn about the Architecture of Couchbase and why it’s so fast, installation of Couchbase on various platforms, setup and configuration parameters, monitoring and the Admin console, and scaling Couchbase.

What will be covered during this training:

  • Couchbase Architecture
  • Setup parameters and options
  • Admin Console
  • Monitoring Graphs and what they mean
  • Buckets
  • RAM/CPU/IO Writers
  • Scaling, Clustering and Rebalancing
  • Couchbase in the Cloud
  • Using AMI installations
  • References to Docs, Communities, etc.

DEMO: Create and Scale Cluster on Amazon, Install on Mac, Install on Windows, Install with AMI.

Featured speakers:

Jasdeep Jaitla, Technical Evangelist, Couchbase


In his own words, Jasdeep has "had many hats, many roles, and is accustomed to intense startup culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and beating the odds".  He is as a Technical Evangelist at Couchbase, where he is responsible for helping developers and their organizations make the most cost effective and scalable decisions and empower their projects.


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