In this presentation you will see:

  • The infrastructure behind the new McGraw-Hill's Learning Portal
  • How to leverage the MapReduce function in Couchbase to implement a scalable continuous analytics system
  • An example of an application built using Couchbase Server and Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)

McGraw-Hill Education: Processing Data in Real-Time Using Incremental MapReduce

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Modern digital learning environments collect a multitude of performance, behavioral, and demographics signals from students. The relationships between these data signals can be modeled and wired up using a paradigm called Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). McGraw-Hill Education’s R&D lab is leveraging Couchbase Server’s support for running JavaScript-based MapReduce functions incrementally to implement a scalable continuous analytics system that updates higher-level aggregates as lower-level signals are added or changed. Christopher Tse, Head of R&D at MHE, and Dr. Gareth Powell, a functional programming expert and Chief Scientist of Ziniki Networks, will present a data processing architecture that provides Hadoop-like analytic power in near real-time.


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