Accelerating Data-Driven Applications with Couchbase and Spark

Apache Spark is the leading in-memory analytics processing engine. Couchbase Server is the leading memory-first architectured NoSQL database. Combining these two best-of-breed technologies enables your business to execute real-time analytics for instantly actionable operational insights.

Read this white paper to find out:

  • How Couchbase provides Spark users with the lowest latency, highest throughput, most reliable NoSQL data source and target 
  • How Spark enables Couchbase users with rich, scalable analytics for their operational applications
  • How to move data between Couchbase and Spark using RDDs, DataFrames, Datasets, and DStreams
You’ll also learn about top use cases for using Spark and Couchbase together, including real-time eCommerce recommendations, product and customer 360, component failure detection, network intrusion detection, and fraud detection.

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