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Accelerate your ad serving with NoSQL technology

To stay competitive and maximize ad revenue, ad targeting companies need platforms that can effortlessly scale to serve ads in real time. Learn how leading ad targeters use NoSQL database technology – an emerging class of data management technology that scales out to provide sub-millisecond data access.

This whitepaper:

  • Introduces you to NoSQL technology and its advantages over traditional relational database solutions. 
  • Shows how NoSQL and Hadoop complement each other for closed-loop user profiling and ad serving.
  • Outlines the technical benefits of using NoSQL solutions, including those from Couchbase, which have helped companies like AOL Advertising, ContextWeb, Media Mind, and many others dramatically accelerate ad serving.

What Customers Say

“AOL serves billions of impressions per day from our ad serving platforms, and any incremental improvement in processing time translates to huge benefits in our ability to more effectively serve the ads to needed meet our contractual commitments. Traditional databases lack the scalability required to support our goal of five milliseconds per read/write. Creating user profiles with Hadoop, then serving them from Couchbase, reduces profile read and write access to under a millisecond, leaving the bulk of the processing time budget for improved targeting and customization.”

— Pero Subasic, Chief Architect, AOL

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