Benchmark: MongoDB 3.0 (w/ WiredTiger) vs. Couchbase Server 3.0.2

MongoDB 3.0 includes WiredTiger, an optional storage engine, to address performance issues. It’s better than the default storage engine, but how well does it improve MongoDB performance? Avalon Consulting, LLC, big data experts and thought leaders in emerging technologies, benchmarked MongoDB 3.0 with WiredTiger and Couchbase Server 3.0.2 to find out. The bottom line: Couchbase outperformed MongoDB by a factor ranging from 2x to 4.5x.

The benchmark tested how well MongoDB with WiredTiger and Couchbase Server performed with:

  • A mixed read / write workload
  • Almost a terabyte of data
  • Insufficient memory to cache all the data (only 31% in memory)
  • Increasing number of concurrent users