Curious about Couchbase Server 2.0?
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Couchbase Server 2.0 Developer Release is now available! This new release combines the unmatched elastic data management capabilities of Membase Server with the distributed indexing and querying capabilities of Apache CouchDB to deliver the industry‚Äôs most powerful, bullet-proof NoSQL database technology.

Come to a series of weekly 30-minute webinars to learn more about the technical details of Couchbase Server 2.0.

This nine-week webinar series will cover:

  • Couchbase Server 2.0 overview
  • Indexing and querying basics
  • SDKs/client libraries (including Moxi Server)
  • Development/production View usage
  • Advanced indexing and querying
  • Clustering and monitoring
  • Auto compaction
  • Upgrading to 2.0 from Membase Server
  • Cross data center replication

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