On-Demand Webinar - Navigating the NoSQL Landscape (Which freaking database should I use?)

The terminology surrounding NoSQL and BigData are confusing to IT professionals trying to select the right storage for the right problem. Andrew Oliver of OS Integrators will explore the technical reasons you might select one of these NoSQL databases, the different types of databases available, their correct use and 'quintessential' use cases for them. Dipti Borkar of Couchbase will dive deeper into document databases and the features of Couchbase Server 2.0.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why you can't just use RDBMS for everything, and why you need different types of databases
  • When it’s better to use a document database and when it’s not
  • The differences between key-value store databases, document databases and graph databases
  • A deeper dive into document databases and Couchbase Server 2.0

Featured speaker:

Andrew Oliver, President and Cofounder, Open Software Integrators

Andrew Oliver OS Integrators

Andrew C. Oliver is the president of Open Software Integrators, a US firm specializing in NoSQL/Big Data development with offices in Chicago, IL and Durham, NC. Oliver is the "Strategic Developer" columnist for Infoworld which focuses primarily on application development, largely using Cloud and NoSQL technologies. He is also a well known open source advocate having served on the board of the Open Source Initiative, was the founder of the POI project and worked for the successful startup, JBoss, before it was acquired by Red Hat.


Dipti Borkar, Director of Product Management at Couchbase
Dipti Borkar

Dipti Borkar is a Director of Product Management at Couchbase where she is responsible for the company’s flagship product, Couchbase Server, and works with customers and users to understand emerging requirements for low-latency, scalable data stores. Dipti has deep technical experience in the database industry having worked at IBM as a software engineer and Development Manager for the DB2 server team and then at MarkLogic as a Senior Product Manager.


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