How can Couchbase boost your social or mobile game?

Your social or mobile game needs a backend database. But what database can support the massive growth you hope for?

Couchbase powers some of the most popular social and mobile games from companies like Zynga, EA, JawFish Games, Tencent, Shuffle Master and many others. Unlike traditional relational databases, Couchbase Server, a NoSQL database, provides easy scalability, consistent high performance, always-on 24x365 operations, and a flexible data model.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • The critical role of databases for the success of a social game
  • The requirements for a social/mobile game database: scalability, performance, always-on, and flexible data model
  • How Couchbase stacks up against those key requirements
  • Why Couchbase might be the right solution for your social or mobile game database


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