Developer Webinar Series

Full Stack Development with Golang, Java, Node.js, and .NET

Use Couchbase to build an application end to end

Take advantage of our four free on-demand webinar series to gain valuable real-world coding skills with Couchbase and Golang, Java, Node.js, and .NET. You’ll learn how to set up Couchbase Server, design an API, interface with the database by creating and querying NoSQL documents, and build an incredibly powerful frontend. Each of the four series includes:

  • Part 1 – Get up and running with Couchbase Server and learn how to bootstrap it in a Golang, Java, Node.js, or .NET application. Once you get the foundation in place, you’ll create RESTful endpoints as an entry point for the frontend.

  • Part 2 – Next comes the data layer and application logic, where we begin by demonstrating Couchbase N1QL or Couchbase Ottoman queries and CRUD operations. You’ll bring your RESTful endpoints together with the application and data model for a completed backend application. Then you’ll test your backend using Postman or Fiddler.

  • Part 3 – Your final focus is on creating the Angular 2 frontend. You’ll begin by designing frontend classes using Angular 2 and TypeScript and then theme the UI with Bootstrap. We’ll end by wrapping up all the core concepts you learned throughout the series.

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