Hybrid Application design: Balancing Cloud-Based and Edge-Based Mobile Data

Hybrid Application design: Balancing Cloud-Based and Edge-Based Mobile Data

We’re now seeing an explosion in the number and types of devices, the number of mobile users, and the number of mobile applications, and users are increasingly interacting with larger volumes and varieties of data on their devices. More powerful devices, better data-sync capabilities, and peer-to-peer device communications are dramatically impacting what users expect from their apps and which technologies developers will need to utilize to meet those expectations.

In the white paper you’ll learn:

  • How new mobile architectures and applications are challenging old-school "centralized" control
  • Why the mobile landscape is changing and why cross-platform tools are essential for next-gen apps
  • The data-sync problem and why a distributed, synchronizable NoSQL engine is the solution

Download this white paper and learn more about mobile app development and NoSQL databases.


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