On-Demand Webinar: Making Sense of NoSQL: Applying Non-Relational Databases to Business Needs

The term "NoSQL" defines a wide range of database technologies that offer alternatives to the traditional RDBMS. NoSQL databases take innovative approaches to the unique problems of handling data in modern distributed and web-based systems. But how do you choose the the right database for your specific business need?

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Traditional database concepts and how they differ from NoSQL patterns
  • The different types of NoSQL databases and use cases
  • How to choose the right database for your needs
  • A deeper look at document-oriented databases and the features of Couchbase Server


Featured speakers:

Dan McCreary, Founder, Kelly-McCreary and Associates
Dan McCreary

Kelly-McCreary and Associates is a technology strategy development consulting firm focused in NoSQL solutions. They specialize in helping firms align their business and technology strategies by effectively managing their metadata. Over the last six years they have assisted many large organization use advanced metadata publishing techniques to achieve their Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Web Services, Business Intelligence and Semantic Web projects. They are currently finishing work on their book for Manning Publishing, "Making Sense of NoSQL".


Dipti Borkar, Director of Product Management, Couchbase
Dipti Borkar

Dipti Borkar is a Director of Product Management at Couchbase where she is responsible for the company’s flagship product, Couchbase Server, and works with customers and users to understand emerging requirements for low-latency, scalable data stores. Dipti has deep technical experience in the database industry having worked at IBM as a software engineer and Development Manager for the DB2 server team and then at MarkLogic as a Senior Product Manager.


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