Couchbase Server
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With Couchbase Server you get unmatched agility and flexibility and unparalleled performance at scale. Couchbase Server equips you with everything you need to deploy and manage your data with ease. 

Download now and start using:

  • N1QL: Build and evolve web, mobile, and IoT apps faster. N1QL combines the power and familiarity of SQL with the flexibility and agility of the JSON data model.

  • Full Text Search (FTS): Better customer experiences result from smarter, richer applications. Quickly integrate intelligent Search into your mission-critical apps. 

  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS): Multi-Dimensional Scaling delivers revolutionary distributed architecture and provides compute, storage, and processing workload partitioning to meet ever-changing requirements. 

  • Built-in analytics: Create more insightful apps with built-in analytics. Seamlessly integrate application and ad hoc analytical queries in real time. 

  • Active-active global replication: Ensure always-on high availability, disaster recovery (HA/DR), and flexible global replication with cross data center replication (XDCR) that can scale and evolve with your business.

  • Enterprise-grade security: Compliance and security are fundamental business requirements. Protect your data, no matter where. Now with a built-in auditing, role-based access control (RBAC), and encrypted communications. 

Download now and start building!

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