On-Demand Training: Couchbase 104 - Views and Indexing

Date: February 13, 2014 at 11am CET

Learn the architecture and use of Views, the structure of Map-Reduce functions, design documents, querying views and view query parameters, primary aggregate reduces and grouping, eventual consistency of indexes and strategies of use.

What will be covered during this training:

  • What are Indexes
  • What is a Map-Reduce
  • Understanding Design Documents
  • Admin Console Overview
  • Anatomy of Map Functions
  • Batch Processing
  • Range Querying, Index-Key Querying, Set Querying
  • RDBMS Queries vs. Map-Reduce Queries
  • Grouping and Group Level
  • Eventual Consistency and Stale Parameter
  • Tips for Creating Views and Sandboxing Tests

DEMO: Admin Console Tour, Publishing Design Document, Query Views with different parameters